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Let’s go cycling!

Seniors cycling
Cycling trip in Odense, Denmark

[Odense, June 2009] A nice sunny day on May 15 senior cycle enthusiasts are taking a break from cycling. They are drinking coffee, talking and enjoying the day and each others company.

– My husband and I have always cycled a lot, but now when I am alone I don’t cycle much, one of the cyclists tells.
– I don’t like to cycle alone if something should happen. I fell much safer cycling with this small group.

She is just one of the cyclists going on an AENEAS-trip. Another cyclist tells that she is happy that her good friend almost forced her to cycle along.

Cycle guides

Accompanying the group are two volunteer cycle guides who are also seniors. They have been trained in safe cycling by the city of Odense and are now leading cycle tours in the city during the spring and summer.

One of the guides, Palle Borgmann, explains: "I had just stopped working when I saw the advert for cycle guides in the paper. I thought it might be fun to apply – I have always cycled a lot."

The other guide explains how she was also looking for something to do as a senior citizen when she saw the advert. "This is a great way to get some exercise, meet other seniors and just get back to cycling."

200 cycling seniors

The two guides are leading one of the many cycle trips during 2009. The goal is to arrange 15 trips for a least 200 seniors – and the goal has almost been reached. During May and June, there have already been 13 trips and there will be more in August and September. The routes have been planned to have varying levels of difficulty, categorised as black, red and blue. The black routes are for regular, keen cyclists and cover between 25 and 36 km through hilly terrain. The red routes are for everyday cyclists with distances no longer than 24 km. The blue routes are for beginners and are no longer than 10 to 15 km.

The cycle trips have been promoted through adverts in newspapers as well as flyers and posters. Some of the trips also include a visit from a guide who can give more detailed information about the area's nature or culture.

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